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     Below are links to articles about how soft washing your and pressure washing your home or business can improve and prolong it's life span & increase it's value for years to come. And it also shows how not cleaning your walls and roofing can lead to cracks, loose stone work, mold and mildew or even a leaky roof.



Decks & Patios


When you need to improve the look and cleanliness of your home or business’s exterior, count on the team at C-4 Service for comprehensive power washing in Corpus Christi, TX. Nobody likes to look at a stained and dirty sidewalk, deck, or parking lot, so it’s important to schedule regular pressure wash services with our skilled and dedicated team. Whether you need to clean your residential driveway, commercial parking lot, or the deck in your backyard, we have the skills and equipment needed to handle the job.

C-4 Services is experienced in pressure washing residential, commercial properties and parking areas.  We know just the right eco-friendly cleaning solution to use for your home soft wash or deck cleaning services. A well-kept home or place of business offers a lot more than curb appeal; it enhances the look and makes a property more attractive overall while adding market value. Reach out to our team to discuss your needs and schedule service.

With experience in restoring decks, patios, and pools with our pressure washing systems, we know just what it will take to make your property pristine! Our staff is knowledgeable in various types of detergents, surfactants, and soaps to use on your particular application to achieve the best results. If you have a building that needs to be washed, give us a call.

Eco-Friendly Solutions and Cleaning Methods

When it comes to power washing and deep cleaning of concrete, asphalt, and wood surfaces, there are a wide variety of cleaning solutions on the market. As a company that stresses eco-friendly practices, we take pride in only using safe and green solutions and methods to keep your property looking outstanding. Our cleaning solutions are safe to use anywhere, even in homes that have children and pets. Regular power washing and deck cleaning by a professional is a great way to maintain the look of your home or business and increase the curb appeal of real estate you’re trying to sell. When you’re looking for a non-toxic way to blast away the dirt and grime covering your exterior surfaces, get in touch with our friendly and dedicated staff to schedule any of the following services:

  • Home Soft or Pressure Washing
  • Concrete, Deck, and Parking Lot Cleaning
  • Roof and Window Cleaning
  • Work Crew and Land Clearing
    Berm and Containment
  • Gutter Pressure Cleaning

  Contact us to discuss your needs or schedule pressure washing services with our team. We proudly serve clients in Corpus Christi, Texas, and the surrounding areas.


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